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The world of Caledia is rich in elemental magic, and technology is mainly used by the unfortunate creatures that have no mastery of the arcane. This world’s magic is tidal and has a heavy influence on the rise and decline of the various kingdoms and peoples. Distortions of the natural magic of the planet have given rise to a great number of species and creatures that feed off the energy and corrupt the natural order of Caledia. These distortions wreak havoc on the lives and history of the kingdoms. Ruin and destruction reign as the balance of energy is pulled by the warring factions.

As with all of the ages past, the death of the heretics and those who perverted the natural magic restores balance to the world and nature heals itself over time. The remnants of the dark past are subdued and once again the world begins to regenerate and a new age of magic is born. These cycles of rebirth give rise to new powers who, over time, begin the tyrannizing of the soul of Celadia all over again.

The kingdom of Oqraedi is 15000 years old. It has had six ages in its history, each beginning with a renaissance of magic, wealth and crafting. The last age ended in a bitter civil war that pitted elemental magic against the powerful necromancers. Most of the keys to the arcane making crafts were lost in time and the wholesale slaughter of the magi. The ruined vestiges of the previous kingdoms lie as reminders of history. They serve as simple amusements or oddities to the nascent generations that come after. Then as the magic returns in power, the idle curiosity turns into study and eventually into an effort to recapture the past glory. This starts the cycle of power and destruction anew.

The regency of Oqraedi has passed through eleven families in its history and with the dawn of this new age of magic, a new family has risen. When the noble Dargaros discovered a trove of writings in a lost library, their sages began to piece together a history of the last 5000 years of the kingdom. They found in those writings the philosphy of a long-forgotten magi that sough to balance both the light and dark magics of the world. Armed with a new hope, the Dargaros dynasty has vowed to do away with the feuds of the past and seeks to set a balance in order to build a harmony. To do so, they must rid the kingdom of the last remnants of the powerful and oppressive evil that destroyed the kingdom.

The new family is led by a heroic young king, Tinon Dargaro, who seeks to balance the light and dark forces in the kingdom. He seeks to unify the powers with a common purpose; peace and balance. His vision is not shared by those who would see a resurgence of the dark times and dwell in death. Yet even in this struggle, not all whose hearts yield to darkness oppose the king’s idea. Balance serves both sides.

He sets his banner high on the decayed kingdom and holds it up as a symbol of unity and power. Winning the loyalty of the peoples of his long-impotent kingdom isn’t easy. He needs help.

Main Page

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